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Unirii Boulevard Bucharest

ART:   Konzept
TYP:   Städtebau
ORT:   Bucharest
FÜR:   Studienprojekt an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

In the 1980´s the communist regime, led by the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, destroyed approximately 25% of the old city of Bucharest. This intervention changed the small scaled and town like character of the city tremendously.
By implementing huge 9 story high buildings, blocks which are dividing the city without any (visible) crossing possibilities, the city centre structure was broken.
The re-design takes all this layers of the past into account and is superimposing the different traces. The idea creates new urbanity by reconnecting historical streets to the functional working areas in the north, reuniting the historical northern and southern city parts and reprogramming the Unirii Boulevard, towards a unique Boulevard filled with life. And maybe after a certain amount of time the wound begins to heal and will disappear after years, consigning only the scar as a memorial to the past and as a warning for future generations of a regime´s willingness to raze the past of an entire country.